Cloth Diaper Local Outreach: Part 2

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First of all, WOW!  What an awesome time it was to be at the lovely Tammy's Baby Shop, host of the Manteca, CA Great Cloth Diaper Change!!  There were moms from all over and so many cute babies of all ages and sizes.  It definitely made this mom ache for another baby (as if I wasn't already!).  Holy fluff!


The Cloth Diaper Outreach was organized so well and we had our table set up, items tucked away until the GCDC was over, as our event and purposes were separate from the GCDC.  Many of our volunteers were involved in the change so the rules worked in our favor anyway.   Two of our recipients even changed their babies into cloth for the first time as part of the GCDC, registering at the last minute...this was amazing and so inspiring.
When we started our outreach, most of the moms were already there and started coming up to claim their diaper kits.  If you read part 1, you know there were many goodies inside each kit.  Myself , Kristy, Kate B., Karrie, Hannah (cloth diapering mom who also donated wool to our bags!), Shannan, and Candace all went over the bags, one on one, with each mom.  We went over the included wash instructions, explained the different types of diapers, showed them how to fold and use prefolds and snappis and just had fun chatting with these moms about their new cloth kits.  All moms were given a paper (carefully put together and organized by Toni) with a list of companies we love and websites for networking with other cloth diaper mamas.  


All moms were told about the Cloth Diaper Foundation, which is switching over operation, location and name, so that if they are ever in need or want to refer a friend in need, they know how to get in contact with the CDF.  As stated before, the CDF will be up and running under their new management by August 2011.  


This outreach was so successful that all of our bags were picked up!  Two moms had informed Kristy that they couldn't make it in and she did a personal drop off of each kit so that these babies can enjoy their new fluff.  I was honored to help with such a great cause in our local community and to see how happy and excited these moms were about starting sustainable diapering was so rewarding.  Many of the diapers moms received were donated from other moms, passing them on to the cause to serve another baby...just like CDF.  I think those are my favorite things about cloth diapering: the community, the sisterhood, the love that passes with each diaper as it goes from one baby to another.  Some get ratted and die along the way because they get so well-loved they are no longer useable.  But any mom who has cloth diapered knows that a ratted, holey, barely snappable/velcro-able diaper is one that was well-loved and served its purpose.  

To all those who helped, thank you again!  Whether you were here in flesh or spirit, donated goods or time, or just sat on the sidelines and cheered us on, thank you.  All parties involved made this happen and made it successful and FUN.  


To all the recipients: We truly hope you enjoy your starter stashes.  We hope that they grow with you through your own separate cloth endeavors and that you and your baby enjoy cloth as much as we do!  We also hope that if you find cloth just isn't working, you seek help, either from us or from the many online forums out there.  And if questions are asked and answers either aren't found or it's just not working out, know that we will always take the kits back and help spread the fluffy love wherever we can.

May the fluff be with you.

-Posted by Kate H.


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