Cloth Diaper Local Outreach: Part 1

We are all very excited to move the foundation from Texas to California and know that many of you are sad the doors are closed until August.  Before the change was even discussed or thought of, Kristy was organizing a separate event locally to help local moms get their babies in to cloth diapers.  This blog is part 1 of 2 for our local outreach.
Today, 5 crazy cloth diapering moms got together with their numerous crazy children with ONE mission: prepare and stuff 15 cloth diaper kits for 15 moms.

Operation FLUFF was in full swing.

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I'd tell you what was in each bag, but then...I'd have to kill you. No not really! But we definitely don't want to spoil the surprise for the moms receiving these bags at our local outreach on April 23rd in Manteca, CA. I can tell you that each kit contains a small stash of diapers of different styles (each picked specifically for the baby's gender and size) and a few accessories to make their transition to cloth easy and fun.

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First, Kristy organized all of our products in to 3 different stations; #1: accessories, #2: Covers & Prefolds and #3: diapers. We worked in teams organizing, folding, oohing and ahhing and stuffing bags of bitty bits of fluff. It was so much fun to look at all the fabulous donations from contributors to our outreach.  We had fun looking at the different patterns, prints, colors and sizes and talking about how exciting it will be to hand over these kits to babies who need them.


When Kristy had first laid all of the goodies out we were overwhelmed. Holy fluff, that was a lot of diapers! But it's amazing how fast hundreds of diapers go! We quickly got things together and moving in our assembly line. As our children rambunctiously played in Kate B.'s fabulous play space and we diligently prepped our kits, we chatted and laughed. After a quick (and delicious!) lunch break, it was back to work and before we knew it, we had 15 perfectly prepped diaper kits lined up and waiting for their new homes.

Somehow, between three 4 year olds, one 3 year old, two 2 year olds, and 4 nursing babies we accomplished exactly what we set out to, our kids had fun with *minimal* injuries and we also quite enjoyed ourselves. I know for me, it was a great day out of the house with great friends, convo and of course, fluffy goodness!

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We would like to thank all the diaper companies who donated to this little cause, organized by a mommy with a dream of covering the world in cloth! It's really Kristy's ambition that has made this whole thing happen so far. Also, if not for all the friends involved, there's no way it would have gone as smoothly as it has! Each individual that has contributed has made this a success, whether you donated time or materials, thank you!
Post by Kate H.

**Disclaimer: no babies were harmed or left unsupervised during today's events. The local cloth diaper outreach is not affiliated with The Cloth Diaper Foundation and no CDF donations were a part of this project. Any diapers used were used with permission from all donors, who were fully aware of the cloth diaper outreach, it's location and the fact that it is a separate entity from the CDF. All diaper kit recipients applied to and were approved for the cloth diaper outreach. Each kit contains the same amount of new and used diapers and accessories to be fair. Kits are being given out to recipients on April 23rd, 2011 at 10am at Tammy's Baby Shoppe in Manteca, CA.  Photos by Karrie Hansen Photography, used with permission.**


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