Freight trucks, boxes, and diapers, Oh My!

On April 28th the truck containing our first shipment of diapers arrived. Kristy, Kate and I, along with their husbands, were all excited to see this sight.

The delivery man unloaded two pallets of boxes onto Kate's driveway and the unloading of the boxes began. The two husbands did all the heavy lifting while Kristy observed (she happened to have been on bed rest this week) and while Kate and I wrangled all eight of the kids, keeping them out of the way.

All 25 of the boxes were placed in one of Kate's spare rooms, and boy was it a sight to see. Of course we had to take a peek at what was in these boxes. Good thing I had my camera in hand!

A few days later Kristy and I tackled the mountain of boxes and successfully sorted all the diapers into 5 categories: diapers, prefolds, covers, inserts, and wool/fleece. Lots of laughs and lots of yawns later we called it a night with maybe only 2 boxes left to sort. I think we started at around 3pm and didn't leave until well after 11:30pm. The next day we were back at it and sorted the rest of the boxes and started boxing up our April 1 applicants.

This initial sort was just the first step, we still need to sort these into sizes and according to gender. We are hoping we can get some clear plastic totes/bins donated to us to make this step a bit easier. We are hoping to get to this next step sometime this week.

And just to think we have 45 more boxes coming our way in a few days...


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